"What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you!"

Everyone is so busy singing "No New Friends" but why not? Sometimes your old friends are not doing you any justice. Sometimes they can be more of a hindrance than anything else.  It is said that when we make new friends we get to grow because we learn new things about ourselves and others, so we stretch friendship muscles we probably haven’t for a long time.    

Mr. 2 Chains said all he want for his birthday is a big booty...WAIT, hold that thought. What do you think you should get your boyfriend for his birthday? Men seem to be the hardest to shop for right ladies? Well don't worry, here are some free and fun ideas that wont break your pockets and have your man appreciating you just a little bit more.


Here are ten attractive traits that every man keeps in mind when deciding if that woman sitting across the dinner table from him is girlfriend material.

1. Confidence
What man don't like a women who is sure of herself?

2. Intelligence
Be able to speak! Know what you're talking about, that's always a plus.

3. Supportive
"What ever I lack, she right over my shoulder" JAY-Z
He wants to know you can pick up the slack if needed.

4. Goal-Oriented
Women want a man with goals, well so do men. Work on becoming a better you, that's always attractive.

5.Sense of Humor
Nobody want someone up tight!  Laugh a little.  Tell a joke and remember a smile is a women's best curve.

6.Personal Hygiene
 Ladies, men love a woman who not only looks good but smells good also. This lets him know that you take pride in taking care of yourself.

7.Can look good in public (SWAG)
A man wants every eye to be on his lady and her eyes to be only on him. Keep it sexy and classy of course.

Don't be predictable,  do something new and fun but keep your values.


 BE REAL! That's always important to a man, especially if you want to receive the same in return. Always remain genuine and keep the lines of communication open.

Last but not least, a man wants to be pleased remember what one won't do another woman will.

Editor Sade Monee

Twitter: Ohh_She_Sade

IG: Ooh_SheSade

"I'm  not ya F?$king best friend I been sitting on this bench too long while you playing with them basic fake chicks"


Have you ever been that girl who's been in love with the one you can't have? He is off limits but you find your self not caring?

Is what you're feeling wrong?
He is not your boyfriend, he may even have a girlfriend! But you can't get him off your mind. So what do you do?

First, if he is your friend think before you act. Make a list, will you be losing more than you gain if you tell him? Are you ready for rejection? Is he in a relationship? Do you only want him because he is who you can't have ? Think about it, you don't want to ruin a great friendship
For a maybe!
Statistics say  one of the best ways ever to make someone fall in love is to be friends first. Think about it most of your friends are your friends because you have a lot of similar qualities and characteristics . What if you date this awesome friend and they are a horrible boyfriend/girlfriend? Then you lose a relationship and a friendship.....so ask yourself:  IS IT WORTH IT? 

Editor:  Sade Monee

Twitter:  Ohh_She_Sade

IG: Ohh_SheSade

A relationship can be described best as an interaction and special bond between two people. Let's face it, every time we get into a relationship, we wonder if it's going to give us the warmth and happiness that we desire. An unhealthy relationship can effect our mental, physical and spiritual health. Some people may not understand or often deny the fact that they are involved in an unhealthy relationship. The 10 warning signs listed below will assist you in analyzing your own relationship and determine if it is unhealthy.

1. Lack of Communication: Without open and honest communication, a relationship cannot grow or move forward.

2. Distrust: Trust is an important factor in a relationship. If you discover that it is hard or impossible to trust your partner, you may want to re-evaluate the relationship.

3. Guilt: Certain situations or disagreements in a relationship can lead to guilt. Push and pull is normal in a relationship, but guilt should never define our character, lower our self esteem or make us feel inadequate.

4. Lack Of Intimacy: Sex should not be a sole indicator if you and your partner connect romantically. However, certain indicators such as stress and fatigue can heavily impact the relationship. Gestures such as a back rub, a kiss, a hug, or just a smile can be comforting. If sex becomes just a memory or how things "used to be" this can be unhealthy in a relationship.

5. Disrespect: A relationship should be built on a foundation of respect. Humiliation, embarrassment, manipulation and any type of physical, emotional or mental abuse is definitely considered unhealthy in a relationship and you should get out IMMEDIATELY!

6. Depression: Symptoms of depression can build as an unhealthy relationship spirals out of control. Breaking up does not have to be the only factor. Sacrificing certain aspects of your life and routine in order to please your partner will never work long-term. Continuous arguments and fights, and not fulfilling the needs of yourself first can also lead to depression. It is important to analyze the situation and pin point the source of the depression so you're able to develop a solution.

7. Co-Dependency: Sacrifice and compromise are totally necessary in a successful relationship but when you start to "need" your partner rather than "want them, this is a warning sign that the relationship is unhealthy. Being co-dependent prevents you from fulfilling your own needs and exercising your right to free will.

8. Separation of Self: In an unhealthy relationship we sometimes tend to take the focus off ourselves in order to save the relationship. Without loving ourselves first, it is impossible to love another and have a successful relationship.

9. Indifference: Indifference can be tricky, sometimes confused with impulsiveness. If you or your partner still care enough to get upset, this usually means you still care enough to make a point. If answers to questions consist of "Whatever", "Who Cares" or just no regard to your feelings, you're either not appreciated or taken for granted, not becoming a priority for your partner anymore. The balance of emotion begins to plummet.

10. Letting Go: As we get deeper into our relationship, we learn to become more comfortable with our mate. This helps us to relax and not always worry about "looking our best" on a consistent basis. In an unhealthy relationship, stress will cause us to "let go" of our health, appearance and views on life. This is a dangerous combination that should immediately be changed in order to regain balance and stability in our life.

Finding a partner that is compatible and meets your long term wants and needs is definitely difficult, but it should never come at the expense of losing ourselves and our own identity. Trust your instincts, know the signs and ask yourself: "Am I involved in an unhealthy relationship?"

Editor: Christina

Twitter: Ci_sassy28

IG: Ci_sassy

He’s too nice for you. The same guy that opens up the door, pulls your chair out, & listens to you when no one else will is the same guy you choose to let go. The guy that does the opposite is the one you choose to stay with. I often wonder why? Does that even sound right? I know Ladies you want a man to have some aggressiveness but it seems like the times we live in has now changed the the things that some of yall accept. Since when has it become ok to be in a relationship that adds no value, growth or happiness to your Life? 

Love is ultimately as I've stated before an emotion that is like no other.  It comes with the good the bad and the ugly. The reason why people