"What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you!"

Everyone is so busy singing "No New Friends" but why not? Sometimes your old friends are not doing you any justice. Sometimes they can be more of a hindrance than anything else.  It is said that when we make new friends we get to grow because we learn new things about ourselves and others, so we stretch friendship muscles we probably haven’t for a long time.    

Mr. 2 Chains said all he want for his birthday is a big booty...WAIT, hold that thought. What do you think you should get your boyfriend for his birthday? Men seem to be the hardest to shop for right ladies? Well don't worry, here are some free and fun ideas that wont break your pockets and have your man appreciating you just a little bit more.


Here are ten attractive traits that every man keeps in mind when deciding if that woman sitting across the dinner table from him is girlfriend material.

1. Confidence
What man don't like a women who is sure of herself?

2. Intelligence
Be able to speak! Know what you're talking about, that's always a plus.

3. Supportive
"What ever I lack, she right over my shoulder" JAY-Z
He wants to know you can pick up the slack if needed.

"I'm  not ya F?$king best friend I been sitting on this bench too long while you playing with them basic fake chicks"

Have you ever been that girl who's been in love with the one you can't have? He is off limits but you find your self not caring?

Is what you're feeling wrong?
He is not your boyfriend, he may even have a girlfriend! But you can't get him off your mind. So what do you do?

A relationship can be described best as an interaction and special bond between two people. Let's face it, every time we get into a relationship, we wonder if it's going to give us the warmth and happiness that we desire. An unhealthy relationship can effect our mental, physical and spiritual health. Some people may not understand or often deny the fact that they are involved in an unhealthy relationship. The 10 warning signs listed below will assist you in analyzing your own relationship and determine if it is unhealthy.

1. Lack of Communication: Without open and honest communication, a relationship cannot grow or move forward.

2. Distrust: Trust is an important factor in a relationship. If you discover that it is hard or impossible to trust your partner, you may want to re-evaluate the relationship.

Commit to date night.

Set a date night once a month. It doesn't have to be expensive just some special time with your partner.

Write him a love note.

Cards and notes aren't just for Valentine's Day. Give him a "just because" love note. It can be sweet and romantic, or sexy and racy.
Love him and Make sure he knows it!

Learn something new for the bedroom.

Watch a adult movie, read a book on Kama Sutra or learn a special sexual technique to try out with your partner. New sex endeavors always spice up the romance If you are looking for a new position, check out SexInfo101.com's Sex Position Guide with over 100 3D animated sex positions.

Take up a new hobby together.

Find new things that interest the both of you. It could be painting sculpting, reading or even watching particular tv show. It could be fun, and it could strengthen the 'friend' aspect of your romance.

As a teenager I had this stringent list of qualities that my partner of choice should have. 
  • Handsome
  • Charming
  • Good Job
  • Great Cook
  • Provider
  • Protector
  • Caring 
  • Understanding
  • Religious
  • Educated
  • Funny
 However; as I matured I realized that I could never really find a real person who met all of these qualities, so I asked myself, does Mr. right really exist?

He’s too nice for you. The same guy that opens up the door, pulls your chair out, & listens to you when no one else will is the same guy you choose to let go. The guy that does the opposite is the one you choose to stay with. I often wonder why? Does that even sound right? I know Ladies you want a man to have some aggressiveness but it seems like the times we live in has now changed the the things that some of y'all accept. Since when has it become ok to be in a relationship that adds no value, growth or happiness to your Life? 

Love is ultimately an emotion that is like no other. 
 It comes with the good the bad and the ugly. The reason why people  go through so many trials and tribulations with their spouse and call it love is because they ultimately don't know what love means and entails. Granted love is one emotion, but because love is used interchangeably there needs be be a clear understanding of the type of love you have for someone and the love they have for you.

You have 3 ways to describe love;

Now although they may seem like they are the same, they all differ in definition, opinion and explanation. 

I see it far too often and it's very sad to see couples speak and disrespect one another in a horrific manner. Females don't know how to talk to males and males don't know how to talk to females. It's a never ending cycle because ultimately there is an excuse surfaced to justify the mistreatment.

It's always a reason or a justification for something that we all have as humans. we tend to do it unconsciously then deny it consciously.  As humans we often rebel at some else's opinion or judgement, and that's normal but in order to get the communication barrier clear you need to establish respect and respect your partners point of view, perspective, suggestions and opinions.