Every man should own a manicure kit (a standard manicure kit will include 2 nail clippers, a small one which is for finger nails and a larger one for toenails)
  1. Cut nails down instead of biting them using a nail clipper. (Long nails is unattractive and biting nails is unsanitary, if you ingest the bacteria that trapped under your nails it can cause you to get sick.)

  2. Cut your nails down once a week

Visit a nail salon at least once a month. Nail maintainance 
is not just for women. Men should go to a nail salon and have their nails 
maintained as well. A nail technician will exfoliate dead skin cells on hands 
and feet, help diminish calluses & clip your cuticles; which eliminates 
painful and unsightly hang nails.

Try this! apply pressure on the side of your big 
toe by pressing your index finger and thumb firmly on both sides of the 
toe. It hurts right? Thats because you have either a hang nail or dead skin in 
there which means its time to visit the nail salon.

* Women like the feel of soft gentle hands touching their bodies and a manicure 
& pedicure promotes soft touches.



    October 2012


    Mens Corner